Second Data Driven AgriFood Future


About the speakers



Tobias Menne

Global Head of xarvio, Member of the Executive Leadership Team BASF Agricultural Solutions



xarvio Digital Farming Solutions is at the forefront of the digital transformation of agriculture, optimizing crop production. xarvio offers digital products based on a global leading crop model platform, which delivers independent, field-zone-specific agronomic advice that enables farmers to produce their crops most efficiently and sustainably. xarvio products SCOUTING, FIELD MANAGER and HEALTHY FIELDS are being used by farmers in more than 100 countries. xarvio FIELD MANAGER is used by 80,000 farmers (total area of more than 10 million ha) in 17 countries, and xarvio SCOUTING is used by more than 5 million farmers and consultants. For more information please visit www.xarvio.com.


Short bio

Tobias Menne is convinced that new technologies will change agriculture to the better – for farmers and for society. Tobias leads xarvio Digital Farming Solutions since its founding eight years ago and is member of the BASF Executive Leadership Teams for Agricultural Solutions. Prior to this, Tobias led a large farming enterprise in Ukraine and held various international senior leadership positions within Bayer.





Kris Van de Voorde

Business programme manager, Imec



Imec is Europe’s leading independent research center on nanoelectronics, smart integrated systems, biomedical electronics, photovoltaics, organic electronics, power electronics & photonics.

Our focus: enabling nano- and digital technology innovation with a significant impact on the quality of life. With our partners from companies, governments and academia. And supported by the three pillars of our R&D:

• a unique infrastructure that includes a 2.5-billion-euro 300mm semiconductor pilot line

• more than 5,000 expert scientists from over 95 countries

• an ecosystem of more than 600 world-leading industry partners and a global academic network

About Imec (imec-int.com)


Short bio

Kris Van de Voorde is business programme manager at Imec. With a focus on clusters and transitions, he is initiating and supporting industry 4.0 and circular economy related projects. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering (Ghent University), a third degree in industrial management (KU Leuven) and an MBA from Vlerick Business School.





Harrij Schmeitz

Fruit Tech Campus


Fruit Tech Campus

Working on the renewal of fruit education. That is the core of the activities of the Fruit Tech Campus. Together with Yuverta & Aeres as educational institutions, the business community is giving substance to the Fruit Tech Campus where cultivation, technology and data are brought together. To guarantee the position of Dutch fruit cultivation for the longer term, the Fruit Tech Campus is working on education, innovation and acceleration.


Short bio

Harrij is Owner & Chief Dream Officer at Technology{}Pull. A company founded to bridge the GAP between technology, innovation and agrifood industry disruption.

Since he finished his studies in Horticulture in 1985, he has worked on ICT and Agro & Food. He is a specialist in on (information)technology and business in the agri & food supply chain. He worked for large companies such as Rijk Zwaan, De Heus, Environmental Project Floriculture, Euro Pool Systems, Coop DOOR, Royal FruitMasters, Platform FRUITVOORUIT.NL and Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials.


Harrij is Director of the Foundation Fresh Upstream: the platform for fresh chain information. He is developing global standards for food safety, crop management, product identification and chain information management. On the first of july 2020 he was appointed as Managing Director of the Fruit Tech Campus in the heart of the Dutch fruit industry Geldermalsen.





Lieven Eeckelaert

Coordinator/advisor, Workitects


Workitects (formerly Flanders Synergy) is a center of expertise in organizational design. Through our research and partnerships, we help organizations become more efficient while creating more meaningful jobs and increasing employee wellbeing.


Short bio

Lieven Eeckelaert is an expert in the field of well-being at work in numerous settings, including the food industry. At Workitects, he mainly focuses on the link between work organization, team design and development, and individual workability. He is author of the book 'Samen op smaak gebracht – On organizing work in food factories of the future’.







Johannes Lehmann

Head of Business Development Smart Farming, German Institute for Standardization


DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is the independent platform for standardization in Germany and worldwide. As a partner for industry, research and society as a whole, DIN plays a major role in helping innovations to reach the market in areas such as the digital economy or society, often within the framework of research projects.

More than 36,000 experts from industry, research, consumer protection and the public sector bring their expertise to work on standardization projects managed by DIN. The result of these efforts are market-oriented standards and specifications that promote global trade, and encourage rationalization, quality assurance, and the protection of society and the environment, as well as improving security and communication.


The Data Driven AgriFood Future Alliance Conference will be held during the DataWeekNL ‘Data Matters’ (25 - 29 October 2021) organized in ‘s-Hertogenbosch,

The Netherlands.